About Jack

My name is Jack Chang.  My family and I have lived in Superior for 11 years.  We love Superior for its parks and other amenities. And of course, our neighbors too.

Volunteerism and philanthropy are euphoric, extremely contagious, and will put you closer to a state of Nirvana. Volunteerism and philanthropy is my true passion, my way of life and our family’s way of life. I strongly encourage the skeptics to give volunteerism and philanthropy a try.

Executive Director of LIVEWELL Foundation

Private Equity Fund Manager

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Southern Hills Middle School PTO Co-President
School Accountability Committee Member at SHMS

Why is Jack running for Superior Mayor?

I am running for Mayor because I want to put your hopes for our Town of Superior first.  I want to hear from you and prioritize your thoughts in the decisions made by our town board.   I strongly believe our current mayor has not been serving your best interest and I promise to do better.

If elected, I will continue the legacy of checks-and-balances brought forth by the women trustees leaving the board and by our town advocates.

I look forward to leading a more inclusive and collaborative process representing you as our Town’s primary stakeholder.  I will lead our Town to much needed CHANGe with my H.E.A.R.T. for Superior.

My H.E.A.R.T for Superior

H – eQUALITY in Healthcare

E – eQUALITY in Education

A – accountability in our town governance and in our schools.

R – responsibility (social and fiscal) in our town governance and in our schools.

T – transparency in our town governance and in our schools.

Thank you so much for your support and the opportunity to help enhance the quality of life for Superior residents and our children’s learning experiences.


Denver Clovers and Coach Jack.  17+ years as youth basketball coach.

Optimizing learning environment to help our children to build the body, mind, and soul of Champions. 


Host of numerous FLL, FTC and FRC tournaments in the past several years.

Why do I  immersed myself in these environments, year after year? Because I am in the presence of greatness in which I have uncovered in each and every one of these children. These children are innovators and unicorn entrepreneurs in the making.


They called me FLL Cool J, but these kids are definitely way cooler than me.

I love how they excel in robotics and how they express themselves in their own unique styles. Creative geniuses in the making.


Here is another one.